Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ideas for Small Garden Spaces

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Not everyone has the luxury of a large open space to work with when creating a garden space in your backyard. Smaller gardens on patios can still achieve a large feeling spatially if approached correctly. Many small garden spaces are confined to straight lines via pathways, walls, fences and garden beds, but if you use these helpful tips, you will be able to create the illusion of a larger garden than it actually is.

Quality, not quantity. Rather than plant a large variety of species that vary in texture, size and color, focus on planting maybe three small trees of the same variety. This will create a consistent and even background.

Also, select plants or flowers that are similar in color on the spectrum. Choose plants that bloom with similar colors, blues and violets together, pinks and crimsons together, but select just a few different colors, dont go haywire and include every color of the rainbow, this will just make your garden look cluttered and overdone.

To create depth, plant shorter, darker and rougher textured varieties in front lighter colored, taller plants and finer textured in the background. This will give your garden more visual distance to the naked eye.

Incorporating curved lines in the design of you garden will help create more space and help reveal your garden with a sense of motion and flow. A curved pathway or retaining wall for a garden bed will create a sense of more space.

Another way to create the illusion of more space is to vary heights and levels within different garden areas. A raised garden bed, or seating area will allow you to utilize vertical space as well as the horizontal space allotted.

Color on walls can create an illusion of depth as well by painting a background wall white and then painting a corner wall black will help extend the space to the eye. Add plants in front of the black corner wall to present a jungle feel. Another trick is to use a mirror as a wall to essentially double the size of the garden to the naked eye.

Finally, add a fire pit to create a centerpiece and gathering spot for guests. Custom fire pits are the latest rage in landscape design and will allow you to extend the seasons and enjoy your time spent outdoors.

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landscaping idea photo galleries

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