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Top Trends in Outdoor Living

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There are several ways we bring the outdoors inside in order to gain a sense of nature, serenity, color and fragrance to our homes. We cut flowers, we plant small herbs and we can make frames from tree branches. But how do we bring a little life to our outdoor living space from non-living things? Fire pits, water features and stonework are a great way to add some flare, interest and spark to your backyard.

According to an article highlighting some local landscapers from Dayton, Ohio, here are the latest most popular trends in outdoor living:

“The hottest trend in the industry right now is the additions of fire pits to outdoor living areas,” said Patrick Flanagan, landscape manager and designer at Knollwood Garden and Landscaping Center in Beavercreek. “They are tough to beat for adding long-term interest and lots of great memories."

Fire pits are the hottest commodity this spring as homeowners and businesses are embracing the idea of outdoor entertainment areas. Extending the season, custom fire pits are great for bar and restaurant patios as well as residential landscape design. Seating areas around fire pits are perfect gathering spots to entertain family and friends. Another advantage a fire pit can offer is that they help you extend both the spring and fall seasons. You can enjoy the outdoors earlier and later in the year by staying warm by the flame of an outdoor burning system.

“Fountains have gained in popularity because the flowing or trickling water provides serenity and gentle motion to the garden setting and an escape from reality,” said Marybeth Taggart, advertising manager for Grandma’s Gardens and Landscape in Waynseville. “After a hard day at work or just to wind down after a stressful day, a visit to a lush garden with a relaxing fountain is like having a spa in your own backyard.”

From simple pools and ponds, to flowing streams and even waterfalls, the motion and soothing sound of a water feature will create a relaxing atmosphere in your outdoor space. Water equals serenity in landscape design. Make sure you consult with a landscape professional before you try to install your own water feature as they can be complicated and costly if not done properly.


(This particular landscape design incorporates all three trends to create this backyard haven.)

“Adding boulders to your landscaping is a great way to give it a natural structure. Boulders can be a single accent, or they can be installed as a natural-looking retaining wall complete with plant pockets,” Dorton said.

Stone work brings the natural shapes, contours and curves of nature into your landscape design. Flagstone pavers work well for patios and pathways to tie sections of your backyard together and also act as durable and long-lasting seating areas.

So when you are ready to investigate one or all of these hot landscape design concepts, please visit us online or contact us today and well be happy to help answer any questions you may have. 1-877-556-5255

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landscaping idea photo galleries

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