Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Waters cool but now fires hot in outdoor decor Why not both

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According to an article on NewsObserver.com:

“Before, almost no one asked for a fire feature, said Michael Glassman, a landscape designer in Sacramento, Calif. Now, almost everybody asks for it. Fire adds another element to the yard. It adds ambience and the drama of the flames. It gives you another reason to go outside.

Of Glassman’s last 50 customers, 45 wanted some sort of fire element, he said."

Well why not combine the best of both worlds? We here at Warming Trends have a submersible burner that actually ignites fire ON the water itself.

Here it is in action again:

So when you are ready to upgrade your backyard experience, add a fire AND water feature to your outdoors. For more information, please visit us online or call today - 1-877-556-5255.

landscaping idea photo galleries
landscaping idea photo galleries

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